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Beverly Ferree
Beverly Ferree

Hauntings of an Old School

Oct 16, 2017

The Old School Building is now home to, among other things, the Moore Monthly. But according to, urban legend states there was an underground pool in the building at one point. There is also a legend that if you opened all of the lockers, you’d hear them all slamming closed. And there is a story about a little girl burned and killed when the building caught fire. She always carried a doll with her and according to the legend, you would always see the doll in the same spot in the building. If you moved the doll, it would return to the same spot. People also claim to have seen a young girl in a white dress with long black hair, floating, holding her doll. 

Moore Monthly publisher Brent Wheelbarger explains that while there is no pool, flooding in the basement could have been mistaken for a pool, “There is no pool, never has been, but there is an old locker room in the basement formerly used by the football team and it’s prone to flooding. I can see how anyone visiting the building might mistake it for a pool.”

Wheelbarger does admit your mind can play games with you when in the building at night.

“There are stories about people hearing a woman with high heels walking in the building late at night, possibly a previous teacher or school administrator,” Wheelbarger said. “I’ve worked late many an evening and never heard it. But I can tell you when it’s windy or stormy, and I have to leave my office to walk down the dark hall to the restroom, it is creepy.  I find myself thinking, ‘what would I do if I actually heard the footsteps?’ Knowing the stories can mess with your mind.”

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