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Luke Schumacher
Luke Schumacher

High School Marching Band: Dedication, Drive & Invaluable Experience

Sep 27, 2017

The fall season brings back school and all of the organizations, teams, and clubs that provide students with extracurricular enjoyment. The football team practices for weekly games, the academic clubs study for state competitions and the fine arts organizations rehearse for upcoming performances. For the marching band, however, preparations started well before the fall semester begins.

In fact, band members across the state sacrifice much of their summer break to rehearse for fall competitions. With the bulk of the rehearsals taking place in August, it can be a tiring experience.

“It’s very hot and very exhausting,” said Adriana Ibanez, drum major at Southmoore high school.  

“Exhaustion,” described Kassidy Ruff, drum major at Westmoore high school. “Marching in the sweltering heat is exhausting.”

Strenuous as it may be, many students look forward to the start of rehearsals.

“It’s great to see everyone after three months,” said Ruff. “It’s exciting to make more memories with friends.”

Hannah Adams, drum major at Westmoore, echoes Ruff's excitement and shared a favorite memory from a past practice.

“When it rains before rehearsal, there is a giant puddle and 
you have to march through it,” Adams said with a smile. “Our feet get soaked, but we laugh together and have fun.”

Doing marching drills in the rain may not sound like fun to everyone, but it's an example 
of the dedication and discipline band students must have during summer band practices. From the first rehearsal of their freshman year to the last performance of senior year, students see improvements in many aspects of their lives.

“I used to be very shy,” said Ibanez “I still am, but I am more confident when going out of my comfort zone.”

“I was very antisocial my freshman year,” said Caitlyn Sanders, senior at Moore high school. “Band has made me more social and helped me open up and enjoy being around people.”

Aside from growing in character, working hard during summer band can result in amazing experiences.

“My freshman year we went to Chicago,” said Sanders. “We visited the Chicago Institute and marched in the Thanksgiving parade.”

All-in-all, the satisfaction students get from participating in band are well worth the exhausting summer practices. The students get the fulfillment of practicing their passion, working towards a goal and attaining that goal together.

“Whoever thinks band isn’t a sport is completely wrong,” said Ruff. “We sweat our butts off and we create something amazing.”

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