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Beverly Ferree

Local High Schools Raise Money for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Oct 06, 2017


No community knows better than Moore what it’s like to face tragedy. So, when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and flood waters poured into Houston, the students at our local high schools got busy.

Southmoore High School’s Link Crew started a drive immediately.

“Link Crew is an International high school transition program that welcomes freshmen and makes them feel comfortable throughout the first year of their high school experience using Junior and Seniors as mentors,” explained Link sponsor Bobbie Graumann. “We reached out to high schools in the Houston area that have Link Crew Programs in their school, and Stratford High School responded.”

The entire process came about because students wanted to help.

“We explained to them (Stratford High School) the loving and outpouring of gifts we received after the many tornadoes that have come through Moore, most recently the May 20th one,” said Graumann. “We wanted to pay it forward to another high school.  The students were expressing a need to somehow be involved or help Houston.  This came from a response from students wishing they could help or make a difference.”

The students collected notebooks, pens, pencils, paper, and other items the Houston high school requested.

“We have a box set up in the front office to collect the items,” said Graumann. “We are also promoting an online ordering opportunity through an Amazon Wish List. This is a list that contains items that Stratford High School has determined that they need.  Most of the items on the list are cleaning supplies with many of them being for mold.  The great thing about this is you know where and what your money is going towards.  Amazon also will ship the item directly to Houston which is a big help – they receive items faster.”

Although Link is sponsoring the drive, the entire student body was informed of the drive, and parents also got involved by donating items. The Link program plans to follow Stratford High School as students and teachers embark on their journey to rebuild.

“We wanted to have a face to go with where our donations are going,” said Graumann.  “We will be able to follow Stratford High School through this whole process.  Many of our students know what the students in Houston are going through by losing all of their belongings.”

Southmoore sophomore Katie Finch expressed how happy they are to help.

“It feels good to help because, no matter how small the item given, it means a lot to the person who receives it,” said Finch. “Giving is not about the reward or thanks you get in return. It’s about the impact it makes on someone’s life, no matter how small. To be able to do that gives me a joy like no other.”



When Moore Superintendent Robert Romines called for the community to give back to other schools after so many communities across the country gave to Moore after the May 20, 2013 tornado, Westmoore High School English teacher James Helton jumped at the chance to help.

“So, as a district, we had a fundraiser called “Hats for Houston,” where students could pay a dollar to wear a hat to school that day,” explained Helton. “We did it on Friday, September 8. The kids here got really behind this idea, and we got to see all kinds of crazy hats as well! “

It was the end of the school day, and Westmoore was just $90 short of their goal.

“So, we made one last call during the last hour of the day for donations,” said Helton. “In just under ten minutes, we raised over $600 in spare change alone to bring our total contribution to $3,510. That money will be pooled with the other schools from the district that we can then donate to relief efforts.”

And how do the Westmoore students feel about being part of the fundraiser?

“The kids were really proud of their effort,” said Helton. “I heard more than once that day that this was a great example of why they were proud to be a Westmoore Jaguar!”



Moore High School also did its part to raise money for the hurricane victims.

“Moore High School’s FUSE partnered with Moore Public Schools to raise funds for Houston ISD,” explained Fuse Sponsor Sally Lawrence. “Fuse raised $1,250 at Moore War and will continue to collect money during their homecoming and their game against Southmoore.”

Moore High School also partnered with Moore Public School District for the “Hats on for Houston” fundraising event.

“FUSE is extremely proud to congratulate the amazing students, teachers and staff of MHS.  Hats ON for Houston raised $1800,” said Lawrence. “This in combination with our Moore War donations puts our total at well over $3,000 that MHS has raised for the Houston Independent School District.”

Lawrence added that they will continue raising funds for the victims of Hurricane Irma and any additional hurricanes that hit this season.

All three high schools should be congratulated for their efforts to help others when they most needed the assistance. It’s what Moore does and has always done. People helping people.

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