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Rob Morris
Rob Morris

1/8 Cent Sales Tax Reallocation

Nov 04, 2019
Overview: Moore City Manager Brooks Mitchell talks about the overall needs of the city's water infrastructure and how the approval of the 1/8 cent sales tax is not a new tax, but a reallocation of an existing sales tax that would be borne by anyone shopping in Moore, whether they are a resident or not.

Drainage: Assistant City Manager Jerry Ihler explains the changes needed in the city's drainage system to accommodate not just growth in the City of Moore, but population growth upstream of the city.

Infrastructure: City Utilties Director Robert Pistole explains that 80% of the water main breaks in the City of Moore come from infrastructure thats if 50-years old or older. Repairs to those breaks are costing the city and its residents more than $500,000 a year. Approval of the 1/8 cent sales tax reallocation would make upgrades possible and end up saving the city and residents around $1million a year.

Stormwater: Community Development Director Elizabeth Weitman talks about new, unfunded mandates from the Department of Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency require upgrades to stormwater management that the City of Moore doesn't have funds to meet.

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