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Robert Morris


Oct 22, 2020

ADDRESS: 12301 S. Western Ave.

HOURS: Open 24 hours by appointment

            Closed on Sundays

PHONE: 405-234-6761




Chelsea Troxell, the owner of CTT Salon + Extension Bar, says the omnipresent nature of websites, Facebook, Instagram, and Titter have made life impossible for women in this day and age. The sites are filled with photoshopped images of women with extraordinary hair, make-up, and clothing that are essentially unobtainable in many ways.


"The expectations that are placed on women these days in terms of how they are supposed to look is just insane," said Troxell. "What I'm most passionate about is helping women feel good about themselves, and that just seems to get harder and harder these days."


Troxell says women face the difficult challenge of trying to live up to some of the photos they see in magazines and online, images that aren't necessarily realistic.


"Nobody has hair like that in real life," said Troxell. "And so what has happened is that women will literally destroy their hair trying to make it look like these unreal images they see online or on their phones."


Troxell's desire to help women regain their footing led to CTT Salon + Extension Bar's opening. She says that passion has been with her since high school, but she's just been a little late coming to the game.


"I've always loved doing hair," said Troxell. "I had toyed with the idea of going to hair school right out of high school but ended up getting a degree in public relations from OU. After college, I did a two-year apprenticeship, so I was about seven years late coming into hairstyling as a career."


But once she dipped into the world of hairstyling, there was no turning back for Troxell. Especially as she began to explore the power of hair extensions.


"I can't tell you how much I love what extensions can do for women," said Troxell. "So many of our customers come to us with hair that has been destroyed by flat irons, curling irons, and product that they've been told will give them a look they want. We actually use less product and incorporate extensions to bring back the natural state of their hair."


Troxell says their clients include women trying to regain their natural hair after cancer treatment or medication has led to significant hair loss and women just down on themselves and are hoping to improve the look of their hair.


"For some of our customers, the change has been so dramatic that they actually cry when they leave the chair," said Troxell. "Extensions are so flexible. They're not just to make your hair long, they can make it thicker or change the color of your hair."


Troxell says her salon provides a full menu of hairstyle services, but the focus on extensions has made CTT Salon + Extension Bar popular across the region.


"We have customers that drive from as far away as Dallas and Tulsa," said Troxell. "We also have women from Ardmore, Duncan, and Enid, who are customers."


In addition to 14 hairstyling stations, CTT Salon + Extension Bar also offers eyelash extensions. Troxell says these extensions are super-customizable and look absolutely real.


"We have an aesthetician that specializes in eyelash extensions, and these are really popular, so she's been quite busy," said Troxell.


That technician is a part of a team of hairstylists that Troxell has worked hard to build. She says she's focused on talented stylists who are customer-oriented and team players.


"Everyone on our team shares one common goal, and that's making women feel confident and elevating their self-esteem," said Troxell. "We share our knowledge and help each other any way we can. That works well because we're all different and are good at different things."


CTT Salon + Extension Bar actually opened back in February, right before the COVID-19 pandemic exploded onto the March scene. Troxell says while the situation created some unexpected challenges for her new business, she and her team have just rolled with the punches and kept going.


"I'm a hard-worker, and I come from parents who are hard-working," said Troxell. "I wouldn't even say the pandemic is our 'new normal" because it's been here almost since we opened. The shutdown in March was kind of scary, but when we reopened, we just embraced the new challenges and moved on."


Troxell and her team take all the extra sanitation steps needed to ensure clients are safe, including cleaning each work area between clients. They also have people wait in their cars until their appointment starts, texting them when their chair is ready. That means the waiting room is always empty. And, of course, they wear the proper masks as a part of their daily routine.


"Some people think the masks are annoying," said Troxell, "But for us, they're good reminders that we can't let up on our standards of safety."


In the end, Troxell and her team of stylists at CTT Salon + Extension Bar look to the response of their customers as the real judge of their success. And unlike some salons, Troxell is very much a hands-on business owner.


"I'm behind the chair for most of the day, and I love that," said Troxell. "I still have that same passion for hair and for empowering women that I had in the beginning."

CTT Salon + Extension Bar, the first extension bar in Oklahoma City, is celebrating eight months of being open! The salon officially opened in February, right before the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Owner and founder of CTT Salon + Extension Bar, Chelsie Troxell, has been in the hair business for 14 years. She opened the new salon through her fascination with extensions and their multifaceted purposes. By providing the appropriate hair extension, they can add volume, length, even repair damaged hair. CTT Salon + Extension Bar has nine hairstylists as well as an esthetician that specializes in eyelash extensions. Each stylist brings something new to the salon, but "everyone on our team shares one common goal," Troxell said. "By making women feel confident and elevating their self-esteem." 
CTT Salon + Extension Bar is open Monday - Saturday by appointment only. To make an appointment or for questions, call (405) 234-6761.

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