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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT - Family-Owned MM7 Sportscards Offers a Deep Dive into the New World of Sports Cards

Sep 17, 2021


Address: 2308 N. Broadway St

Phone: 405-658-2114


Hours: Monday – Saturday    12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Jeff Holland and his brothers grew up collecting sports cards. After a 32-year career in education, culminating in a role as a principal, he has returned to the passion of his youth. MMY Sportscards is a family-owned business that has quickly become one of the top sports cards in the region.


“My brothers and I grew up around sports,” said Holland. “Football, basketball, baseball, and sports in general. We played all of them, and we also collected the cards.”


Holland said he and his brothers were frequent visitors at all of the local card shops during the ’80s. Their collections grew until the 1990s, when life interrupted.


“College, marriage, kids, careers,” said Holland. “You know how it is. Life interrupted things, and our collections were boxed up and put in the attic. That all changed around 2018.”


Holland’s brother, Mike, approached the brothers with the idea of opening a card shop. It didn’t take the trio long to agree. As they talked about the concept, they reminisced about all the fabulous card shops they visited when they were 10, 11, and 12 years old.


“We all had a shared vision of what we wanted to create,” said Holland. “But we also understood that the times had changed and that collecting cards had changed. So, we wanted to retain the best things we remembered about our childhood while adapting to the new world of collecting.”


One of the most significant changes: kids used to buy bubble gum and sports cards in small packs. Today, you can forget picking up that bubble gum and cards at your corner store.


“These days, the cards come in hobby boxes,” said Holland. “Collectors can buy a big box of cards at a range of prices. But the great thing about that is that you can spend $100 or $200 on a hobby box, and when you go through it, you can pull out a card that’s worth anywhere from $1,000 up to $100,000. So, we have a lot of folks coming in to buy boxes and try to pull that card out.”


Holland adds that in addition to the attraction to the monetary value of the cards, it’s the sense of nostalgia that brings many customers to their door. MM7 has a great collection of players whose names resonate with these folks: Mickey Mantle, Johnny Bench, Roger Maris, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, and more. But they also have more current cards and memorabilia that appeal to parents and grandparents looking to introduce their children and grandchildren to the joys of card collecting.


“When people walk into our store, it’s like they’re transported right back to their childhood,” said Holland. “They followed the Pirates and Roberto Clemente, or the Reds and Johnny Bench. And now they have a chance to connect their kids to the thrill of collecting cards.”


In addition to their physical store, MM7 has a robust internet presence, featuring their website and sales of cards on eBay. Holland says they ship cards all over the country and that the current interest in cards includes the NFL and the NBA. He also notes that the explosion in popularity of softball is bringing young players from that sport to the store. He and the rest of the family-owned and oriented store are poised to help those new to the card collection game find their footing quickly.


“It can be a little overwhelming for folks who walk in for the first time,” said Holland. “We like to help them with the basics before anything else. You’re not buying cards for 35-cents anymore. They’re precious, so we help teach them to take care of their cards by putting them in multiple sleeves for protection.”


MM7 also has a lot of memorabilia and autographed cards, and Holland says he encourages everyone in the area to drop in and take a look at what’s available.


“We have become one of the top five stores in the United States when it comes to cards and memorabilia,” said Holland. “Come in and bring your kids, your wife, and it will bring you back to your childhood. But all of the great changes will spark a renewed interest as well.”

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