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BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Fit Body Boot Camp Growing in Popularity

Jul 06, 2021


BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Fit Body Boot Camp Offers Unique and Focused Fitness Concept

Address: 605 NW 27th Street, Moore, OK

Phone: 405-655-5655


Hours: 30-minute classes offered throughout the day Monday-Saturday


After moving to California, Moore’s Tommy McCaslin remembers the pivotal turning point in his life with clarity.


“I was the guy who was always in shape,” said McCaslin. “But I was also a junk food junkie, and so after I had several knee surgeries, my activity level went down and put on a ton of weight.”


A friend of McCaslin took him to one of the first Fit Body Boot Camps in existence. Not only was it a turning point in his personal fitness journey, it was also the beginning of a chain of events that led him back home to Moore, where he opened a local Fit Body Boot Camp franchise.


“We in a small space next to a Dollar General at first,” said McCaslin, “But we got super busy early on. Within a year, we had 300 clients, and it just overtook us.”


As time passed and he coached hundreds of clients through getting and remaining fit, McCaslin says he had a revelation about Fit Body Boot Camp that has deepened his passion for this career choice.


“I started off thinking I was in the gym business,” said McCaslin, “And after about a year, I realized that I was really in the habits business. It dawned on me that at the end of the day, what we’re doing here is helping people choose habits that will shape their future for years.”


He calls it “habit psychology.” It’s not about some magic workout routine or process. Instead, it’s all about working smarter, not harder. And each new client is walked through that process with careful intention.


“First of all, we’re not a drop-by gym where you just come in and get in a class,” said McCaslin. “Our clients RSVP for classes, and that helps us tailor the classes to their needs. We also insist that our clients do a free week of classes before they sign up to make sure they understand the process and make a good decision about joining.”


McCaslin describes the Fit Body Boot Camp approach as more holistic than just joining a gym or engaging in a workout regimen. There are certainly classes and coaching, but he believes his success with clients has been because of the relationships he and his team develop with each of them. That formula for success focuses on healthy nutrition, workouts, coaching, and accountability.


“There’s something special to be found in a relationship with a fitness coach,” said McCaslin. “For us, it’s about knowing each other well, knowing and sharing goals, accountability. Everything we do fits under the concept of a healthy relationship that includes not just the workout classes, but also nutrition and an understanding of each individual’s unique history of fitness, health, and injury status.”


Each class is 30 minutes long, but McCaslin says there’s a tremendous amount of variety to be found in each class, and that allows them to meet every member’s fitness goals.


“Our workouts are different every single day,” said McCaslin. “Everyone gets stretched and warmed up. Then the coach goes over the circuit for that class, which is done for every single class. Finally, there are modifications and intensifies at each station that allows for clients at every single fitness level to participate in that class.”


In the end, McCaslin says the proof of Fit Body Boot Camp’s popularity and success can be seen in the lives and testimonies of hundreds of happy clients.


“I always tell people that we have over 260 online reviews from the past five years,” said McCaslin. “It’s easy to find them on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. All of them are five-star reviews.”

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