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Christiaan Patterson

Dell Restores Moore Public Schools Data Center

May 30, 2013

Among the destruction from the May 20 tornado was the Moore Public School’s data center. Immediately following the tornado, Dell and other companies rushed to the scene in order to fix those computers and hardware.


“Dell is committed to helping the community and are thrilled to help the schools with recovering their data center and getting it back up and running,” said Jeff Poyner, solutions account executive for Dell.


When the tornado hit, it knocked out the schools data center including email, website, pay roll and much more. The goal was to physically recover it and get it back online. Dell assisted the schools IT department to get the hardware and network back up and running. Alongside Dell was Cox Communications who quickly got the Internet line back up in less than an hour. Having this enabled the school district to work from a remote site, away from the administration office.


“Anytime there is a disaster like this, there are always three common areas to address: one is physical access to the equipment to make sure its running; two is network access; and thirdly is to ensure the applications are up, running and stable,” said Jeff.


A job like this under normal circumstances can take weeks to accomplish, however with the help of Cox, HP, Cisco, Chickasha Telecom and the MPS’s IT department, the entire system was back online in two days. Volunteers from these companies and Dell even hauled the equipment from the disaster area to the main Dell building in OKC to fix. Now, the computers and database remain at Dell where the MPS can rest assure its safe and restored.

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