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Rob Morris

Hit Meals Offers Healthy and Comfort Selection

May 21, 2020

Long before the arrival of the Coronavirus and quarantine protocols, Tricia Henderson was providing a week’s worth of tasty meal prep products to customers looking for a healthy and convenient way to manage their home dining options.

“People were looking for that kind of option,” said Henderson, “Prepared meals that are ready to go in the microwave, and you’re eating in two minutes.”

Henderson started offering meal prep three years ago while she was also operating the popular Two Olives Restaurant, inside the Old School Building. Hit Meals initially catered to people looking to keep track of calorie and macronutrient counts. Henderson says their initial success was a blend of precise measurements and a delicious menu.

“In the beginning, we were concentrating on great food that met specific calorie and macro needs,” said Henderson. “That just took off quickly. But here lately, people have been asking me for more comfort food items to choose from, so we’ve added a specialty item each week.”

Some of those specialty items include baked ziti with green beans, chicken piccata, low-carb chicken enchiladas with black beans and rice, and steak with demi glaze plus green beans and red potatoes. Also back on the menu for those familiar with the Two Olives days: the restaurant’s wildly popular chicken salad.

“People really love it,” said Henderson. “They aren’t anxious about the details on the comfort food items, especially the chicken salad. A lot of people just order the chicken salad because it comes in a 24-ounce size.”

Henderson said she made the move from operating the Two Olives Restaurant to only serving Hit Meals in the wake of losing her mother. It was a difficult decision, but once she considered family time, she realized she needed a way to create more balance in her life.

“I was working seven days a week and only saw my family when they came up to visit,” said Henderson. “When my mom passed away, I decided that I was going to change things up and make space to spend time with family.”

Henderson posts a new menu every Monday on She and her team accept orders on every day except Sunday. If you order on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, your orders are available for curbside pickup or delivery on Friday evening or Sunday afternoon. If you order on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, your orders can be picked up or delivered on Monday. Customers can pay over the phone or online with PayPal.

“Right now delivery cost $5 for addresses within the 73160-zip code,” said Henderson. “If you live outside that area code delivery is $10. Our Sunday afternoon delivery is free right now because we’re trying to help those folks that just don’t want to get out.”

Henderson says that, like so many other businesses around the area, she’s taken a hit from the current “shelter at home” situation. But despite seeing a drop-off in business, she’s been able to weather the storm.

“I’ve been lucky because there are enough people who want those healthy, ready-to-go menus that we’ve been able to get by so far,” said Henderson. “And I think a lot of people want to support a locally-owned business like mine and others who make such a difference in the Moore community.”

And that’s the main thing that Henderson hopes people will realize about Hit Meal Prep: it’s locally-owned and providing a constantly-changing menu filled with healthy and comforting choices in an uncertain time.

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