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MILITARY SPOTLIGHT: Moore High Grad Thriving in the Air Force

Jan 08, 2021

Moore High School alum Hannah (Lynch) Smith says that her decision to join the Air Force came down to a desire to serve others.


“I wanted to join the Air Force in order to help people,” said Smith.  “I just wanted some sort of career where I could hop in and help, and I wanted to do it now. So, I thought the military was the best way to go.”


Smith had a few family members who had served in the military.  She also talked to a number of friends who had been in the Air Force before settling on that particular branch of the service.


“My grandpa was in the Army Air Corps and a few cousins serving in other branches as well,” said Smith. “I do have a friend who was on his way to becoming a Marine at the time, and he made the military life sound very exciting and like it was something meaningful. I think that the way he portrayed his journey to me helped me become even more sure of wanting to join.”


The transition from civilian to military life seemed pretty seamless for Smith. She says she did quite a bit of research before enlisting, which made it a lot easier to adapt. But there were still some challenges to face


“My first year was awesome, but there were also some challenges,” said Smith. “My first duty station was in Germany, so I got to travel around Europe, but it took some to adjust being away from my family. Luckily my husband was stationed with me, so that helped significantly. I would say overall, the first year was easier than I would have imagined.”


Smith serves as a Command and Control Specialist, which is essentially the communication node for whatever installation we are on.


“We help relay information from agency to agency and also up to Wing leadership,” said Smith.


Her training consisted of 8-and-a-half weeks at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio at for basic military training, and then another 6-weeks in Mississippi for technical school to learn the basics of the job.


For Smith, serving in the Air Force has lived up to her expectations and desires.


“Serving our country has been the most fulfilling thing I’ve done in life,” said Smith. “I know that the military is the reason that America remains a safe, and free, place. I can’t imagine doing something else and hate to think an end will come to my time in the Air Force.”



Smith says the friendships she has made are a major highlight.


“I have met some of my best friends through the military,” said Smith. “On top of that, you work with so many diverse individuals and get to learn so much about people that you wouldn’t get to learn in some work places.”


Her future plans are to retire out of the Air Force. In the meantime she hopes to continue to  travel the world and meet new people, hopefully having a positive impact in the lives of the Airmen she serves with. She also says it’s an honor to know that she has walked in the footsteps of so many others who have served their country.


“The things that I do with my career will, in no way, ever add up to the amount of sacrifice made by others that have served, are serving and will serve in the future,” said Smith. “Veterans will forever be the reason that Americans have, and continue to keep, the liberties that we have. Those liberties make us the greatest nation in the world.”


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