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MNTC Building Blocks: Moore Norman Begins New Partnership with The Well

Aug 14, 2021


Christi Gum is the Workforce & Economic Program Developer at Moore Norman Technology Center. She has worked for more than 17 years in the Career and Technology Education field and over 10 years with business and industry leaders to grow Moore and Norman’s workforce.  She lives in Norman with her wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters.


1) What do you do as a program developer for Moore Norman Technology Center?

I develop some of our licensing programs like Real Estate Sales, HR/SPHR Certification, Special Education Paraprofessional Certification, etc. I’m also developing our Personal Enrichment course where community members can come to Moore Norman and learn to cook, sew, create beautiful stained-glass pieces, practice the art of Yoga, etc.

2) How Will MNTC be partnering with The Well in Norman?

Moore Norman Technology Center is proud to partner with Cleveland County and provides health and wellness-related classes and activities to its residents at The Well. MNTC is excited to bring some of our healthy living courses such as Yoga, Mediterranean Cooking, Low-Fat meals, and the list goes on.


3) Will MNTC have permanent space at The Well, if so what?

Moore Norman will have a designated “Demonstration Kitchen” at The Well along with access to several meeting spaces. The kitchen area will be on the second floor and we plan to include some of the offerings available at our South Penn campus at the new Norman location.


4) How will MNTC programming enhance the experience at The Well? 

Our goal is to bring the community into a wonderful space and educate them on the value of healthy living and aging gracefully. We want to provide opportunities for citizens to gather, learn, and grow. We believe that education is a key vehicle for healthy living and a healthy lifestyle, including the individual’s physical, mental, and emotional make-up. I believe our programming can be a positive part of that and I'm excited to watch it grow because I think it will take off.


5) What are you most excited about, this partnership? 

 If I had to choose, I would say I am most excited to introduce Moore Norman Technology Center in an unexpected way. I think many citizens view MNTC as strictly technical education. They may not realize we offer so many other services and training options. It will be fun to introduce these services and training options to the community at an offsite location. I'm excited about so being able to partner with them because they have a very well-defined vision it's great that they  came to us to include us and so we just want to seize the opportunity to branch out and service the community  in a new and engaging way.


5) Anything else you would like to share? 

"We will continue to update our website with the most current information in regards to the Well and I am always willing to answer questions. The plan is for The Well to open in the Fall 2021 and we are excited to be a part of that along with our other areas partners. You learn more about the progress of The Well and our partnership. at

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