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MNTC Offers Competitive Advantages for Businesses & Individuals

Aug 15, 2022

Name: Chante Sourignavong
Title: Workforce and Economic Development Program Consultant/Asian Business Community Liason
Bio: Sourignavong’s role at MNTC allows her to connect local businesses and individuals with a wide array of resources that can help them achieve success through training, certification, and educational opportunities. She also works with the local Asian community to enhance and strengthen their businesses. Sourignavong was a career tech student in high school before completing her Bachelor's degree at the University of Phoenix. She finished her Master’s degree earlier this year at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma.

1 - Tell me more about your role as a program consultant with companies here in the area?
A portion of my role is to undertake research on a business before I meet with them, to be better prepared to understand their needs. At MNTC we serve a wide variety of businesses and individuals in our region, each with their own set of challenges and needs. We help our clients focus on conducting a needs assessment, to be able to determine how we may best serve them. We discuss their growing pains, challenges, goals, timelines and how we can best provide the services an individual or business may need.

2 - What are the most challenging things you see companies facing in 2022 and beyond?
We certainly live in a time of never-ending challenges. Businesses are concerned with growing their revenue stream in an ever-changing business world and recruiting skilled employees to meet the businesses workforce demands. When you add in the workforce shifts after the pandemic, former employees starting their own business, retirement, heightened competition for employees or losing employees to competitors, all of these affects a business’s bottom line.

3 - Can you expand a bit more on the types of training MNTC offers these companies and why it's such a great opportunity for both companies and local residents looking for training?
MNTC provides solutions or support for individuals or businesses in so many areas, it’s difficult to mention them all. We work daily to help long-term and short-term students develop new skills that allows them to succeed in the business or occupation they have interest in. Concurrently we undertake customized training, leadership development, industry certification, healthcare continuing education and recertification or personal enrichment. MNTC has experts in so many of these areas, and I’m blessed to work within that team of professionals.

4 - I understand you also serve as a resource and liaison with the Asian business community. What would you want people to understand about that aspect of your role?
My role in serving on the Asian OKC Chamber of Commerce is to find avenues to create inclusion & engagement among Asian businesses owners or the Asian population. We hope to increase awareness about the diverse number of resources available in the state that Asians may not be aware of. If we help connect them to those areas, it can help benefit their business or increase personal prosperity.

5 - What is the best way for people to contact you and/or get more information about the programs you're involved in?
Individuals or businesses can contact me by phone at 405-801-5824 or email All of the MNTC Workforce and Economic Development team are available for in-person, online video, phone calls or by appointments at our South Penn campus.

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