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MNTC Offers Unique and Powerful Leadership Training Opportunities

Sep 15, 2021


 Bio:Ida Fryhover, M.Ed, CMP

 Ida Fryhover is the Workforce & Economic Development Consultant at MNTC. She is a committed advocate for the value of education and training to develop a skilled workforce. Her 23-year career in CareerTech began as a teacher of marketing, business management, and entrepreneurship. Before transitioning into her current role, Fryhover made great things happen as the Marketing Outreach Coordinator at Moore Norman Technology Center.  


Ida is known for engaging in collaborative projects that support community relationships. She now provides workforce training opportunities for businesses focused on customer service, retail industry training, and organizational development using her business ownership and teaching background. Currently, she is also an adjunct at Randall University, teaching a course in Public Relations. Ida is committed to making a difference in our community.


1) What is the mission and focus of the Leadership training area?


MNTC's leadership offerings introduce concepts related to developing more vital skills used by effective supervisors and managers. Several sessions that continue to be well-received are Situational Leadership, Leading with Integrity, The Art of Feedback, and Dealing with Difficult Employees. 


These types of leadership-related concepts provide an opportunity to address matters affecting the healthy dynamic of strong leaders. For a more in-depth approach, training using Franklin Covey's "Leading at the Speed of Trust" and "The 7 Habits for Managers" is another proven program to equip team leaders to address issues in the workplace. The sessions are highly interactive and provide participants with the confidence to apply the skills realistically.


2) Why should leaders and managers participate in leadership offerings and training?

Many times, leaders and managers are promoted or hired due to their competence and ability to perform. Without intentional leadership training, many will struggle as their role shifts to managing and leading people. Leadership development is a process that takes hard work to get it right. MNTC has delivered impactful leadership training for many businesses and organizations in our community resulting in significant growth of interested leaders dedicated and willing to do the hard work.


3) Moore Norman Technology Center offers Brene Brown's "Daring Leadership." Why is this such a big deal? 


You may be familiar with the research and work of Dr. Brené Brown, and now you're ready to bring the work into your life and organization as you explore a future of leaders with well-developed skills around courage, a future of daring leadership.

The need for braver leaders grows every day! Your certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator will help you, your team, or organization focus on courage-building skills, moving from armored leadership to bold leadership. Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically-based, courage-building program designed to support leader agility, team effectiveness, and culture change. Her research with 150 leaders, work done over 20 years, compiling hundreds of thousands of pieces of data answered the question, "What is the future of leadership?" with a resounding response of, "Bravery and courage!"

The most significant finding from Brené's latest research is that courage is a collection of four teachable skill sets, measurable and observable. Those skill sets are:

 • Rumbling with Vulnerability

 • Living into Our Values

 • BRAVING Trust

 • Learning to Rise



4) When is the Daring Leadership? What is the training structure, and does it count for continuing education?

The program will be offered September 22-24 and hosted at MNTC's South Penn campus. This program is designed for 2 1/2 days to focus on the skillsets identified through the research of Dr. Brené Brown. There is a limited number of participants for this workshop with Linda Clark, a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. Additionally, the training is approved by continuing education units (CEUs) through HRCI and SHRM.



  5) Anything else you would like to share? 

 MNTC continues to evolve and deliver relevant leadership training to organizations and businesses of all sizes. Our trainers are vetted and experienced in offering professional quality sessions that meet each client's customized needs at an affordable cost. Contact a Training Program Consultant to help you identify your next leadership focus. "


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