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Rob Morris

Moore Norman Features Cutting Edge Cosmetology Program

Jul 25, 2022

Name: Lilly Allen

Title: Chief Instruction Officer

Bio: Lilly Allen is the Evening Cosmetology Instructor at Moore Norman Technology Center. Her responsibilities include instructing students in the Adult Cosmetology Program, giving lectures and practical assignments, and overseeing MNTC’s salon floor, which hosts clients from the public. Lilly was a career tech student when she was in high school and has also received her Masters in License for Career Tech as well. She has been teaching cosmetology for almost ten years.



1) Can you give us an overview of your program and why it's such a great opportunity?

We have a high school cosmetology course as well as an evening adult program, which is a full-time program. The course is about 200 hours, which is roughly a year-and-a-half. Those evening classes are on Monday through Thursday, and they begin class at 4:15 p.m. and go until about 10:15 p.m. It’s a great opportunity for them to be well-trained in every aspect of cosmetology and by the time the finish that year-and-a-half they’re not only ready to go take their state boards, most of them already have job offers within a month of completing the program.


2) What details can you share about the various programs do you offer in this area?

I think one of the biggest things is that they get to hone in on a skill that really suits them and their goals. We do so many things that I’m not sure the public is aware of. Or course we do hair, but we also do all aesthetic services, skin care, waxing, coloring, and make-up. Basically we do everything. And what that means is that some students come in to the program and after a few short months, they are able to figure out a certain skill that they really want to focus on. And because we offer a public salon floor, they get opportunities to master those skills.



3) How is cosmetology different in this day and age, and how does the MNTC program help students in this respect?

50% of the work our students do is in the classroom and the other 50% is hands-on and practical. That means, when you take into account the wide variety of cosmetology skills they can master here, they’re getting a lot of experience in those areas. It’s not just playing with someone’s hair or nails, although everyone loves to do that. It’s also learning and mastering the safety and sanitation procedures to make sure we’re keeping the public always at the safest level. And the fact that we have such a wide range of educational opportunities means our students have more job opportunities available to them.



4) What's the best way for people to contact you or to learn more about the program.

You can get a lot of information, including enrollment information and dates, just by visiting the Moore Norman website at You can also call the school at 405-801-5000 and ask to speak to an advisor. If you have more specific detailed questions, you’re welcome to email me at I would encourage people to check out our program as a patron by coming in and getting a service at our facility. It’s a beautiful facility that also offers full-service facial area and waxing.


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