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Rob Morris

Northcutt: Voice of the Moore Lions Prepares for 30-Year Mark

Aug 12, 2020

Two significant historical events took place in 1991.

The USSR came to an end.

And J.D. Northcutt began his journey as “The Voice of the Moore Lions.”

“I had gone to a John Brooks (former voice of the Oklahoma Sooners) sportscasting seminar that summer,” said Northcutt. “And I guess he liked some of the things I did because he told me, ‘I think this is something you should pursue.’”

A short time later, Northcutt found himself behind the mic, calling football games for Moore High School.

“Chris Needham gave me the opportunity to be a part of the football broadcast in 1991,” said Northcutt, “It’s been my great honor and privilege to serve in this role with all the great people who help make these broadcasts possible.”

Northcutt wants to make sure that everyone understands that while he may be the one who is recognized as the radio voice of the Lions, it’s a team effort every single game.

“I work with such a great group of guys, and they’re the real heroes of this thing,” said Northcutt. “We’ve been together as a team for such a long time that these guys are like family to me.”

That team includes Justin Rolland, Larry Harris, Del Reeves, Jim Lawson, Patrick Robert, Ryan Beam, and Larry Brake. Northcutt says without such a great group of people working with him, the weekly Lions broadcast would never happen.

“The support that these guys give is unmatched,” said Northcutt. “You don’t get on the air without these guys or the sponsors that pay for the show. It really means a lot to me that everyone is so committed to doing this with such a high degree of excellence.”

Northcutt also says his family is the real foundation, not just for his radio gig, but for all of life.

“My wife, Danna, and my kids, Shelby and Brooks, are so supportive,” said Northcutt. “In the fall, not only are you gone on Thursday or Friday nights, but you also have to take time to go to practices.”

When it comes to his family, Northcutt says he’s not just grateful for their support, he’s also filled with pride over the things they’ve accomplished.

“My daughter is a speech pathologist and is marrying a wonderful man this fall,” said Northcutt, “My wife used to drop Brooks off with some snacks to hang out in the press box with us. Now he’s graduated from Oklahoma State and is starting graduate school in the fall.”

Northcutt relishes the close-up view he has had over three decades of Moore Lions football, watching a memorable line of coaches lead the team onto the field. Those coaches include David Snookhouse, Mark Little, Tommy Noles, and Scott Myers, who passed away after a battle with cancer in 2012. The radio broadcaster says the changes he has seen in the game are remarkable, not just when it comes to offensive and defensive strategies.

“The biggest change I’ve seen is in safety for the players,” said Northcutt. “It’s not that coaches didn’t care about the safety of players back in the day, it’s just that we have so much more knowledge about what safety means these days. There’s been so much innovation and research about player safety. We’re playing close attention to how much contact they have, what the temperature gauge says, and making sure kids are hydrated and safe.”

In July, friends and family members gathered at Hollywood Corners for a surprise celebration to honor Northcutt’s 30-years behind the mic. A significant part of the gathering was organized via social media. In this day and age, you might think it would be impossible to surprise anyone once word gets out of Facebook. But Northcutt says he was caught entirely off-guard by the party when he walked onto the Hollywood Corners property.

“People were wondering how I could possibly be surprised since it was apparently all over Facebook,” said Northcutt. “I don’t have anything against social media. It’s just not something I ever got around to using, so I honestly had no idea. It caught me completely by surprise.”

Northcutt says he was overwhelmed that people would come out in the heat of summer, and during a pandemic, to celebrate with him. He’s also touched by those who were unable to attend but who have reached out to congratulate and wish him luck by phone, text, or emails.

“These are the kinds of things that keep you going,” said Northcutt. “When you realize that people appreciate and like what you’re doing, I can’t tell you how encouraging that is for an old Lion like me.”

You can catch J.D. and his crew in action during the fall during every Moore Lions football game by tuning into KOKC 1520AM or by going to the KOKC website and listening online.

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