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Sarah Jensen

Preliminary Reconstruction Plans Revealed for I-35 and I-240 Interchange

Dec 29, 2014

MOORE, Okla.- A recent public information meeting with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) revealed one of the first looks at the proposed plans for the I-35 and I-240 Interchange reconstruction project. 

On average, the I-35 and I-240 Interchange sees over 100,000 motorists daily.

The proposed reconstruction plans would change the existing interchange into a three-level, semi-directional partial cloverleaf interchange along I-35 from SE 66th to SE 82nd Street and along I-240 from Shields Boulevard to Eastern Avenue. Directional ramps will be put into place for the movements on this interchange except for the eastbound I-240  to northbound I-35 and the westbound I-240 to southbound I-35, where two loops have been proposed. (See Proposed Plans Below)

The exit ramp from eastbound I-240 to Pole Road and the entrance ramp from Pole Road to westbound I-240 will be rerouted to Eastern Avenue. 

ODOT also included additional measures to minimize the impact to access of the Plaza Mayor development. A design turnaound lane will be added on the south side of the existing SE 59th Street. The service road in the northeast portion of the interchange will be modified to minimize the need for right-of-way.

Currently, the interchange is suffering from multiple operational deficiencies including inadequate capacity, poorly spaced access, substandard bridge and ramp configurations, and overall lacks the ability to accommodate future traffic projections. 

Officials with ODOT believe that the improvements will not only reduce the number and severity of accidents, but also reduce traffic congestion in the area. 

The proposed reconstruction plan is expected to take 8 years from start to finish, with right of way work beginning in 2016.

Stay with for coverage on this project as it continues to progress.

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