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Rob Morris

Update on Finalists and Celebration

Mar 06, 2021
Here's the long answer:

We at the Moore Monthly love and respect our local businesses and organizations. The whole premise of the Best of Moore & South OKC awards is based on that affection. For us, it's always been a chance to celebrate and elevate our local businesses and organizations. That's the primary reason we've always held a festive event for the announcement of the award winners. It's been an opportunity to gather together as a community to laugh, eat, drink, and celebrate.

It will come as no surprise at all when we say that the continuing COVID restrictions have made the planning of this event a bit of a challenge. COVID issues have also led to another obstacle in our planning for the event -- the cancellation of touring by artists and groups who typically play at the Riverwind Theater, It just so happens that the Riverwind Theater is the only venue south of I-40 that is large enough to host our "BOMMIE'S" celebration. With no events scheduled, Riverwind made the smart decision to use the downtime for renovation of the theater. The problem for us is that we are now left without a place to have our annual Best of Moore & South OKC gathering.

Instead of letting this be a bad thing, we've accepted it as a challenge to come up with something even bigger and better than we've ever done. Here's what we can tell you right now:

We have a plan.
We're working on the details of that plan.
We're looking forward to sharing the plan with you sometime in the next couple of weeks.
We will share the list of finalists at the same time we announce that plan.

In the meantime, we thank you for your continued patience. You have been strong and resolute in the face of an unprecedented situation for the past year. That makes us even prouder to be part of this community and spurs us on to come up with something worthy of all of you and the Best of Moore & South OKC.

One final thought: we keep hearing and using that word, "unprecedented." To be absolutely honest, while we're excited about the plan we're working on, we're actually hoping that we can get back to a little more of a "precedented" life in 2021.

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